Campsite pricelist 2019

During the day the Campsite Branná is opened to all and it is free. We charge the fee only in case of staying in the campsite overnight. If you want to spend the night with us, it is necessary to pay the fee at the reception immediately after you check in. The price of accommodation includes the place, water charges, sewerage charges, waste disposal. Paid accommodation is valid until 10 am of the following day.

Accommodation prices per night

Item Off-season to 22.5.
and from 26.8.
High season from 23.5.
to 25.8.
Paddler up to 6 years Free Free
Paddler 7 - 15 years 60,- CZK/night 70,- CZK/night
Paddler over 15 90,- CZK/night 100,- CZK/night
Tent, shelter 90,- CZK/night 100,- CZK/night
Private car 100,- CZK/night 120,- CZK/night
Trailer, motorcycle 70,- CZK/night 80,- CZK/night
Dog, cat 40,- CZK/night 50,- CZK/night
Sleeping in the open air, homeless 90,- CZK/night 100,- CZK/night
Pig, monkey, horse… 100,- CZK/night 110,- CZK/night
Bus Free Free
Celta, párty stan, přístřešek 200,- CZK/night 300,- CZK/night
Caravan, camper, lorry 400,- CZK/night 500,- CZK/night
Cabin rental for more nights (*) 500,- CZK/night 600,- CZK/night
Cabin rental for one night (*) 600,- CZK/night 700,- CZK/night
Cabin heating 80,- CZK/night 80,- CZK/night
Teepee rentals (*) 550,- CZK/night 600,- CZK/night
Rental of a tent with wooden undercoat (*) 120,- CZK/night 150,- CZK/night
School courses and trips (**) 80,- CZK/night 80,- CZK/night

* The listed price is only for cabin rentals (teepee, wooden undercoats). The rental does not include the fee for the accommodated paddlers and cars.
** U školních kurzů počítáme pouze 80,- Kč/den za studenta (stany zdarma). Na 10 studentů je jeden učitel a jedno doprovodné vozidlo zdarma. Vše navíc dle platného ceníku.

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